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Orangeville On Delta Waterfowl

Russ Donnelly

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If you have family or hunting buddies in the Orangeville area, let them know about our upcoming dinner!

Since 1911 Delta Waterfowl has worked to ensure the future of waterfowl and waterfowl hunting. Our research team carries out extensive science based research projects, primarily in the Prairie Pothole Region (SK, MB, ND, SD), and have developed proven tools to "grow more ducks" - wetland and grassland conservation efforts, the installation and maintenance of nesting structures (hen houses, wood duck boxes) and the use of predator management have helped Delta researchers see the nest success of ducks go from 5-10% up to 45-65%. We are putting more incremental birds into flight every year! Higher nest success in the PPR means more ducks in all the flyways.

Delta is also an advocate for the hunting community locally, provincially, and federally. Our advocacy work on behalf of the hunting community on the Long Gun Registry, for example, is cited by the government as a key factor in its abolishment.

Delta Waterfowl is a grassroots organization - we are funded by our members and by our local fundraising events, like our Orangeville Dinner. Key to the local events is the fact that the local chapter retains 25% of the net profits to be re-invested locally on projects like nesting structures, youth hunts, habitat conservation, etc.

You can see the great work our Chapters in Ontario do on our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/DeltaWaterfowlEasternCanada

At our upcoming Orangeville Dinner, you will have the opportunity to meet Dr. Frank Rohwer, the President of the Delta Waterfowl Foundation, learn about Delta’s research and the future for our organization, and ask him questions about waterfowl and waterfowl hunting. You can learn more about Dr. Rohwer here.

The Orangeville event details are:

Friday, April 10th, 2015

Orangeville Agricultural Society Event Centre

247090 5 Sideroad, Mono, ON

Doors open at 5:30, buffet dinner at 7, live auction will commence around 8.

More detailed event and ticket information can be found on the following link – to purchase tickets online, click on the “Buy Tickets” link near the middle of the following page - http://www.deltawaterfowl.org/events/attend.html/event/2015/04/10/orangeville-chapter-orangeville-on

We will raffle off a number of hunting guns, including:

  • Winchester SX3 28” 12 ga. – Delta’s Gun of the Year for 2014/15
  • Remington 870 Sportsman 28” 12 ga.
  • Weatherby Upland 22” 20 ga.
  • Plus others…

Hunting and outdoor gear from Rig ‘em Right, TangleFree, Heavy Hauler & HardCore will also be raffled off or auctioned off during both live and silent auctions, along with artwork, decorative decoys and tons of other great prizes! In my signature below is a link to our Eastern Canada Delta Facebook page – you can see plenty of photos of past Delta events, as well as the great work our chapters do in their local communities!

Come on our to meet Dr. Rohwer, learn about what the future holds for Delta Waterfowl, and help support Delta so we can continue to ensure the future of waterfowl, and waterfowl hunting.

I hope to see you on April 10th!

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