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Spring Steelhead Transfers Beginning This Saturday!


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******* Spring Steelhead transfers on the Credit River at Norval Dam to start Saturday April 11th. We will need 6 volunteers starting at 1pm.

Please contact Danielle at:


to confirm your attendance as she is coordinating all volunteer requests.

And the rest of the schedule as follows:

Monday April 13th from 1-8 pm (shifts divided up 1-4 and 4- 8)
Tuesday April 14th from 1-8 pm (shifts divided up 1-4 and 4- 8)

Wednesday April 15th from 1-8 pm (shifts divided up 1-4 and 4- 8)

Any other questions you can ask on here, send me a message or direct to Danielle but for sign-up please send Danielle an email. Thanks and look forward to seeing some of you out there.

For those curious and not aware of what the fish transfers entail, here is a bit of a description:

Going into the fish ladder and netting Steelhead out of the Fish Ladder
Recording all data (length, fin clips, tags, sex etc.)
Collecting eggs/milt for our hatchery
Transferring fish with transfer tank and truck up river to prime spawning grounds, as they are stuck below Norval Dam.
We are allowed to transfer 600 fish total, which will likely take a couple weeks.

Quite fun and you get to get up close and personal with lots of big fish! Anyone with high school students who need community hours to graduate, this could be a great way to get them, and having a blast while doing it.

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Wish I could make the time slots, but I cant. Is the ladder at Norval not passable? or will it be in the future?

BTW, thanks for all the work you guys/gals do.

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