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Tanned raccoon skins available


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Hey guys.
i’m just cleaning up the fur shed and I had a few coon skins and a mink that i held back from the auction because i made some small cuts on them when fleshing.

They would have been marked down as damaged and i would have got even less for them so…..


Instead i sewed the damage up and tanned them.

if anyone is interested, i’m selling them for 15 bucks each.

They are mostly 2-3x size and nice colour for the most part.


one pelt is normally enough material for a hat. The rear haunches are normally used for that purpose.

I have one small one and one missing a tail, so i’ll combine those to make sure there is enough material.

the mink is ten bucks.


in the picture below they have just been oiled. It normally takes a few days for drying and fluffing up.


pm me if your interested. 




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