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Here's Some Of The Latest Flies


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Hey guys how's it going? I'm going stir crazy right now because I haven't been out since the second last day of 2013. Haven't had too much time at the vise either but I have spun a few up.

I was in a fly swap a few weeks ago with a bunch of guys from London. Here's a pic of the finished bunch for those guys.


Here's a close up of one


Here's something for when the guy chucking spinners are nailing them.


And here's the last flies I swung in 2013...the one on the left is the one that got smoked on a slow slow swing but lost the fish after a few head shakes.


Cheers guys and lets see what you all have been working on.


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Nice looking flies as usual Craig. Going to watch Joe Penich on sat, see if i can learn some new patterns for grand river bass. He ties a very cool crayfish pattern im wanting to learn. Keep up the good work...always enjoy seeing your posts.

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Dave whats going on Saturday?

He was doing a demo in Guelph Josh...Joe does some nice work if you ever get the chance to see him. Josh if you get a chance to attend the spey clave this spring try to make it. He and a few others are always there, and youll come away with a wealth of knowledge from some of the best in the buisness.

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