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Question For The Experienced Guy's


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Hey guys,

Im looking for some help or advise, today I tied my first dry fly with parachute hackle...

Its just a simplified paradrake. (saw the pattern in an old fly fusion mag I had lying around)


My question is how do you get that parachute hackle to lie flat?

Ive tied a few since this one and I always seem to kink the fibres when tieing the hackle off.

any ideas?

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I've found the best way is when tying in the hackle, to tie the hackle in winding up the wing post then wrap the hackle down and then tie off. Sort of a poor description, wish I had a picture to demonstrate it better but this way usually prevents any fibres from going wild on you. That being said, both those flies will definitely catch fish, I really like the extended body flies for some of the larger mayfly hatches

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