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2022 Hunting Regs now online


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You are only allowed to use 4, 5, 6, or 7 shot.

Take the gun out and try patterning it - I personally prefer #6, but every gun is different.

probably best with that gun to try to stick to 25 Yd. max for your shots.

The most important tip I can give you is to sit STILL!!

If you have a pop-up or hub blind, then use it, and wear black inside - these blinds will help hide inadvertent movements.

Good luck.

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Thanks Gene. I took your advice and went out and bought myself a blind.

i got my turkey license when they were first established in the area and the full day course was required, but i never went out.

this is my first year trying it and i got myself some new toys. The Wife is not impressed. Lol.


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Good luck on your first turkey season!

I did the same…took the course, but didn’t start hunting turkeys until I retired, and could go out hunting during the week.  Got hooked on it real quick, and its my favourite kind of game to hunt.

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