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Hey guys.....I think I may have tried to suggest the idea on here over the last few years.....but years back on here I started a thread where we could all share some favorite recipes for cooking up our fish and game.....some of the old school members may remember...I started it off as The Fillet Show... And a whole bunch of us shared in a bunch of great ideas...pics...pointers...old secret recipes ect....even ways to prep our catch...like for example the 5 fillet way to clean a pike....how to clean and prep game or something we may have foraged.... Do any of you old timers remember the recipe I shared where I made a lasagna out of a puffball I found using thin slices of the puffball as the " noodles"?????.....I'm just putting it out there to see if any of you are interested in starting up something like that again?

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I remember your puffball lasagna Jack , but still haven't found any puffballs ..... 

I still do the 5 piece pike fillet method & have posted using them for kabobs on the bbq. 

...so many ways to prepare fish ....remember chef Mick ?  

Anyone do sushi with fresh water fish ?  ( not  compatible with my palette )  lol

My neighbour does an excellent job smoking fish (bows are my fav.)  He has a new  pellet smoker I need to try....

We had deep fried perch from "your spot"  & used pancake batter but I need to spice it up a tad as it was a little 'bland' .

It would be nice to get more ideas on how to clean/prepare/cook our favourite fresh water fish . 

The fish we buy from Beamsville F & C (haddock) is a little too heavy on the batter which of course , make the fillets look larger .....(thick batter) ?  

Bruce......maybe share your GREAT fish head soup/chowder !    :wub:

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Well ....we had fish for supper yesterday ,  one phone call & picked it up 15 minutes later . ....at Beamsville F & C., ordered the usual 2 pc.haddoc with chips $17.65 total & always pay with  a $20 bill & the change goes in the tip jar .

I got the $20 out to pay & the guy says that will be $21.65 ...price increase !  Bring out the debit card !! No tip .....

We are being gouged big time with price increases and smaller quantities . Those red hot weiners look like tooth picks now !

Needless to say most of us haven't have a raise in pay for years so we gottadowhatwegottado ....buy less !  

Since this is fishing 'related' ,  I'll have to bring home 'the bacon' , might even try my daughters small mouth bass recipe & more pike kabobs on the bbq .   :Gonefishing:

...still waiting for a few good batter recipes .....

Happy Papa day guys !   

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There's always that old trick when you bread fish to throw a few of your favorite flavor potato chips crushed up in the bread crumbs.......or if you already have a favorite way of cooking up a salmon steak......or big trout steak....use your cheese grater and grind up some potatoes or sweet potatoes.....squeeze all the water out in a towel.....put in a bowl.....mix in some lemon pepper....dill.....a little bit of flower.....crack an egg in there....mix it all up....take your fish steak ....meat side up...dip in flour....then smush it right into your potato mix.....flip it up ...pack another nice wad on top........fry it in a frying pan with some oil..... healthier virsion... spray the crap out of the crust with cooking spray and fry it...or put it potatoe.... side down on parchment in the oven......by the time your crust is golden brown.... flip it over skin side down for like 5 mins

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Thank you JWL  , I've been waiting for your expertise as I know you are a great cook !  Ya...lots of potato chip flavours to choose plus bread crum/panko choices. 

And your recipe reminds of of fish cakes with the ground up spuds & onions . Different fish can be done in various ways , like doing cat fillets with Cajun spice .

When deep frying fillets it's good to know a few spices to add to the batter to enhance the taste .....and easy on the lemon pepper it can overwelm any food recipe.

BTW....I have plenty of dill in my garden Jack ...if you need some .....it grows super fast with 3 crops per season ! It is amost 4 ft. tall now  with more seedlings on the way .

And also lots of garlic going to seed . Those seed buds at the top are plenty hot enough to mash up too ...or drop one down the hatch !   

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Here's a great way to cook up venison.....I'm not the best on an actual recipe in regards to quantity and such although I'm actually a formally trained chef with many years under my belt ...lol ...more like guidelines to cook anything from dinner for 2 to 200.....take your tenderloin or backstraps......butterfly it open like you would to stuff it.....stuff it with a mixture of a few fresh blueberries....diced apple...dried cranberries....some diced dried apricot....celery and onion....tie it up or toothpick it together....oven grill or broiler....cook it to a nice solid medium ( you don't have to cook the crap out of most game that some people think).....remove the roast from the pan .....take the pan all the drippings ..fallen out fruit ect.....deglaze the pan with a splash of red wine....when the wine boils off for a min ....add some water and your favorite brown gravy mix to the pan accordingly 

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Since the cold water season is approaching.....salmon....trout ect...late season walleye...perch ...pike.....and no one has added to this thread in a long time and might be sick of summer flavored slubby soft meat muddy tasting fish they battered at camp chased by 10 beers because it was fun with your buddies😆.....take your favorite fish fillet ( works great with salmon and trout)......put your fillets in parchment paper...if skin on...skin side down ......juillene some carrots.... celery.....peppers ....onion......a little bit of dill...black pepper....top with a pat of butter..(cooking spray).....then a slice of lemon.....wrap it up tight in the parchment paper....bake in the oven for 15 mins......also works great on the smoker....keep it at about 200 degrees( the parchment won't burn at that temp) cook for about 45 mins and enjoy......also works great on bbq....wrap your parchment in foil....cook on regular bbq heat for 10 mins....the foil protects the parchment from burning....and the parchment holds the juice and flavor in........and hey guys...as hunting season is slowly approaching for a bunch of you..it would be great to learn some ole time favorites as well...mmmmmmm.....yummmm....meat season

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I remember your trailer days JW and I know your home cooking is great ! You are a Jack of all trades !  

I hit the Snip tool & have your recipe on my desktop (as a photo) .We have been "roasting" fish more often, helps to degrease the sewer . 

My good neighbour bought a pellet smoker and we get to sample/comment on his great cooking . 

And my pike kabs on the BBQ are also a nice change from the deep fryer . 

With the price of meat going ballistic ....even chicken thighs and burger , I'm waiting patiently for some perch/pike trips ,

and of course the fish are tastier coming from a hole in the ice.   :santa:

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