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Is this your first time?


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Out nice and early to scope out a few new places around Gibby. Not too hot as the sun was only just rising. The wind was being, shall we say, problematic. 

After nothing to show for the locations best suited for my Baitcaster, save for a hard fighting Smallie; for those curious, this young lady clocked in at just over 2lb (very likely one of this year’s early hatchlings), I moved on to my final scouting destination. 

Sending out a few search baits to get an idea of what I’m working with, I came to the conclusion that a lighter touch was needed. 

As one often does, I have a few “customized baits”. The one being thrown was a red dot, clear egg, with a plastic minnow threaded to appear as if it’s trying to nibble at the egg. My intention that a bass sees a 2-for-1 meal opportunity and take the bait. 

As I cast towards my target, the wind blew up and completely snared my line into the bush next to me. Annoyed, I put my rod down to begin untangling the disaster around me. Pulling the line free, I lost the minnow (living up to my name), however the egg was secure. Frustrated, I tossed the hook and sinker to allow me to finish untangling. As it happened, the very obvious 4/0 circle hook going through the egg, and sinker went into the water about 5 feet in front of me. 

I had just finished reclaiming my line and was about to start reeling in my line, when suddenly my drag was going as some mystery fish quickly fled the scene with my bait. Fighting it back, and the occasional glimpse made me believe a not too bad size Smallie. Upon landing this fish, I quickly discovered that it was a very young, male baby largemouth. 

The fact this little fella was so small and feisty, after taking such a poorly presented bait, that it made me wonder if this was the first time he’d ever been caught?


Does anyone else think they’ve been the “first time” for one of your catches?




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Verrrry interesting story ....hmmmmm , got me thinking about the few fish I have caught over the past decades that took a bare hook . It could be the bass thought that black circle hook was a worm or bug ? Bass are curious ....or very hungry sometimes . I caught a smallie on a single piece of corn as I was reeling in my carp rig . It hit the corn at the top of the water just as I was about to lift the line out near the rocky shore as you did in the photo . 

Fish are like the weather ....very unpredictable ! 

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