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Chippawa Creek Biggins


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Just got off the Chippawa Creek. I had a visit with another boat up by the QEW. I was informed by the Gentleman that posting a Picture of A fish and the background where it was caught was a no no. I will try my best to do better in the Future. I should know better.... 

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Nothing from the Gentleman? I have fished the creek for 25 years and somehow got good at catching Largemouth. The senko changed everything. There is a tree in the back across from the wooden wall that is hard to see. I pulled up on the tree and there was a guy on the other side. I asked him if it was ok to fish the side I was on and he said yes. I asked him how things were going and he said nothing yet. I flipped a senko into the tree and ya got one and second flipp yup another. No 5lber but its a Spot. The fella said what are you throwing?? I stopped fishing and went over to him and yes I gave him a senko with the hook and showed him how to rig it. For the Gentleman you might not agree with what I do but I am whom I am and will always try to help anyone I can Catch Fish cause it's fun....


That story is from 2003. The back is not the same today....Not my fault...

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