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Boat cover protection


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I don't see much to choose from at our local stores .....what do you guys use to protect your canvas travel tarps and boat covers ? 

Travel tarp covers take a beating on the roads due to high speeds and road dirt ,etc. I cleaned my tarp with soapy water & car brush & want to spray it with a water proof spray that will last a season or more . 


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This used to be my go-to product for my boat covers before i bought a top-gun cover:



a cover treated with this will cause water to bead right off and last a season or more.

you can get it much cheaper than amazons price.

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Thanks Mark , I went to C.T. tonight and all they have is Woods canvas proofing products , about $20 for the spray can. 

Maybe it's a good product but I'd like to find the 303 stuff first .

C.T. is really boosting their prices lately .  The Sea Foam went up from $12.99 a can to $16.50  !  It would be nice if we got a 30% raise ....

I stopped in Walmart to get a tin of coffee ,  & saw all brands are smaller cans now , from 925g to 907g & smaller .... they are sockin it to us ! 

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Just now, Markster said:

Smerch, go try marlon marine.
Great bunch of guys and they usually have stock.

Thanks again , I fished that araea a lot when I was a teen -ager (now a well aged teen) . I heard one of the guys (John) from C & J Marine (Beacon) works there .



Just now, Jwl1 said:

I'm going to tell her the cans are smaller now🤔😂

Make sure you don't say 'her' cans are smaller Jack . We would miss your posts .....     

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