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wood cutlery ?


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McD. has started using wood knives ,spoons , forks & paper straws . At first I didn't think much of it as it only one drop in a 45 gal pail of water.

One quick look in the stores and we can see thousands of large plastic containers and goods .

There's no prob.with millions of plastic water bottles sold every second etc etc etc ? ......As I fished at Gibby 2 days ago I picked up 2 big wads of fishing line 

and there was plastic bottles , and forks left there . So , it's a tiny start & I agree with using the wooden forks etc.  They will decay quickly or can be burned ,

Next ....get rid of styrofoam boxes for worms and take out food etc.   

wood spoons etc.JPG

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Aren't these made from trees? I agree though they'll make good kindling. I wonder if that private jet JT is flying all over the globe uses these. Probably dumps his royal hienes's turds right over the forest these forks were made with. 

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