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Quick deer this year

Dan Andrews

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Gotter done early this year. Wasn't waiting for that time change and cold weather crap. Was probably the warmest day in Oct but it got cold that night for storage. 2 days before I sat in a blind for my first sit and saw 14 deer across the field. The 15th deer came in behind me and busted me. So waited until October 6th and a weather front was coming in. Wind from the NE so I grabbed a chair, headed across the soy field and snuggled into some scrub in a ditch. Soon came a set of twin bucks with their soybean vacuums on full. Both headed straight into me. Finally one turned for 2 seconds and just as he started to turn back towards me I let go. 3 more seconds and they be right on top of me and the chaos of white flashing would begin. I waited the 30 minutes and went looking in the direction I thought it ran. NO BLOOD!. Walked to the edge of the soy field then circled the entire field without spotting one drop. One last pass now in the dark and the spotlight spotted something white. He didn't run the direction I thought. That was the twin. He never made it out of the field. Now the work begins and its hot. Can't tell you how many times I laid on the trail exhausted but with the help of my wife I got him in the truck where he spent the night with a 2X6 holding his cavity open. It got cold so he sat for a day while I worked and after boning him out my son called for help with the truck so off went 2 large coolers of meat to the butcher to be cut and wrapped. We enjoyed the tenderloin barely cooked with a little steak spice. It's now Christmas eve and I have a large roast thawing as this Fort Erie blizzard isn't allowing us to get out for Christmas dinner this year. Merry Christmas everyone. Remember what's important like family and independence. Respect your prey and help prop up its environment. Make sure to give back and be thankful. 


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