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First Turkey, finally


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Well I finally got my first turkey this morning.

For 6 days I had been trying to bag a gobbler that was roosting in the south end of the main bush on the family farm,

but could never get him in range.

On Tuesday my cousin came down and we hunted together, and with us team calling he got that gobbler.

So this morning, I set up along the treeline above the river flats on the edge of a beanfield next to the Grand River.

Had 4 gobblers calling after daybreak, but none came out into the field - just 2 hens.

After they wandered off, 4 more birds came over a hill in the beanfield about 200 yards to the north, and 3 started fanning - 3 more gobblers!  None of these were the birds calling around me!

I made a couple of pairs of calls on my box call, and the biggest bird slowly walked all the way to me, with the other 2 following him - waited till he was about 35 yards out, and bang!😊

20 Lbs, 8 Oz.

10 1/4 inch beard

biggest spur 1 1/4 inch

So many more gobblers in that area of the farm that I’m going to get a second tag.


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