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Story in the Sun today about 2 cops dispatching an injured deer using the blunt end of an axe . The comments are mostly against the cops so far...


The cops said a bullet may ricochet and harm others which is a possibility . Should they call animal control and have the deer suffer longer ? 

I don't know the answer but I believe the cops were trying to quickly put the deer out of misery as we hunters would try our best to 'dispatch' it quickly.

What do you guys think ?   



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Bubba14, you never know what is in the ground under the animal. Could be rock and a ricochet is very possible. The cop has obviously never swung an axe in his life.

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I saw a deer that was hit by a car sitting in a field 30' from the road at the Merritville Race track many years ago . The Welland Humane Society came to take care of the situation ...I left before they came but I assume they used the needle . 

Our hunting group always used the 'second' bullet to quickly kill any moose or deer that was still breathing and there was never any problem with a bullet going astray .

If those cops fired their guns I'm sure there would be plenty of complaints from people saying they were gun happy cops . ...wrong either way .

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