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Remembering When ....

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As I was going through my photos that were transferred to my newer pc I see many changes have happened over the years at my fishing spots.

Some changes are man made with housing built near the banks and some closed down or changed by natural changes , ect. For some reason all of my 2022 shots are gone ! ?

The first shot was taken at CDP a few years ago when the berm was filled with trees . And now the berm is gone and is covered with water . Sad to see it gone .



CDP berm trees.jpg

CDP Machines.jpg

CDP Flood.jpg

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During my 'teen' years the berm only had a few shrubs and the pond was loaded with sunfish ,gills , cats and bass and some carp . We had a blast there !

It took many years for the trees to grow that large , maybe , if they know how to control the lake level , the trees may return by 2055. I'll be happy to see that !

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