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Yep , that's me ! The old melon ain't what it used to be .....   😏...

I have a gal can of Sea Foam and a gal can of WD40 which came with a refillable spray bottle . 

I have too many things going on lately and I have been using the Sea Foam in my WD40 bottle for a week !  ( back to normal yesterday ) !!

I guess the Sea Foam still lubes things ,but it's an expensive lube .....and cleaned up my shoes nicely !  :dunno:


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2 hours ago, Tyler0420 said:

As long as the old melon can still catch carp you’ll be fine smerch. 

Those carp have been outsmarting me , "Wish I was 18 Again" (George Burns),  but those numbers somehow got reversed .   🥴.

btw.... more rain this morning , rivers and ditches running high ...  fish are smiling .

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