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Beautiful Picture !


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An old friend of my wife , her family and many people from Chippawa know this fellow , about 70 , who now lives  in B.C. and loved fishing and hunting locally , now spends his time painting great pictures and going to his favourite places on Vancouver Island with camera in hand . We receive many of his excellent pictures which he also posts on Facebook .

His name is Steve Kane . This shot is extremely breathtaking as the timing and location has to be 100% . 

Sharing this shot ( my desktop pic ) for all to relish . Steve is a pro to say the least .  Most of his shots are of wildlife... birds and animals .He lives at Comox near Nanaimo , B.C.





Steve's heron BC.jpg

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14 hours ago, genec said:

What an awesome photo!

I remembers driving thru Comox on one B C trip - more deer IN that town than most of us ever see out in the countryside!


There are tons of deer there Gene . He has many great photos of them feeding in his back yard . There many black bears , moose and a great place to see birds,  from eagles to humming birds .  sounds like a great place to retire !   I missed that boat !  We have been invited to visit .....how tempting !

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