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  1. During that black out Bill, we were amazed how beautiful the sky was with all the bright stars.
  2. I'm guessing they are all closed so no one can say they hurt their eyes while at work.....
  3. 41 degrees is the magic number for the smelt run.
  4. Tommy the lake temps are still in the low 40s, and the smelt are still running.
  5. Suppose to be dark of a while, time for a power nap imo.....
  6. I have some silver fillings I'm willing to part with
  7. A bit of maple syrup on the fillet as it smokes makes for a great tasting piece. How does one get a piece of said candy.....
  8. Nice fish. Any going on the dinner plate later...
  9. Yes lots of shallow spots, however like most of that area down to Cayuga there are all kinds of spots where the rocks create hiding spots for many fish. Lots of holes as well. If fly fishing just keep casting and moving around. I have also caught fish there still fishing with a float. Fish are moving around.
  10. I was in Caledonia about 3 weeks or so ago and not one person fishing there. Passing through York on the way back I did see a number of people trying their luck there. I have actually fished York more than the dam area with so so luck.
  11. Perhaps Sandy can pick me up and you and I can enjoy an afternoon binge All the windows on my cherokee are tinted. The windshield also has 1/3 at the top tinted, but does little to dull the effects of the sun, but helps with on coming vehicles at night. 🥂
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