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  1. I think there are 4 different times for this free fishing. There is another one july2 to july 9 this year.
  2. I think June is the best month for walleye up north. 👍
  3. Lucky you! Beautiful area
  4. Definitely will. Been a couple years since last time there.
  5. No fishing here either. Getting everything ready for trip north. Kipawa with the boys for a week 😁
  6. Looked like a great day had by all!
  7. Is there a possibility that there's a crack in the diver barrel? Have you tried a different diver?
  8. 30lb braid on my erie rods and 8lb braid on my northern rods
  9. 2mph should be no issues with not bottoming out. I troll between 1.4 and 2 so there is something else goin on.
  10. Also, possibly not going fast enough?
  11. Are you maybe not running enough line out?? I believe they need to be 100' back to achieve the depth they are rated for. And there is a ball in the barrel?
  12. Ya,that's the stuff. I didn't get the kit with the grease tho.
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