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  1. From what I understand they cannot leave the water, you definitely can not pose for pictures with them, and the torpedo release after that long out of the water was pretty bad.
  2. I started back up with my weekly states runs. Filled up pickup truck and 3 large jerry cans on weekend for 1.05 canadian per litre and picked up 30 cans of coors light at Tops for 18$. Over and back in an hour. Saved well over $125
  3. I will not ever give homeless people money. I used to work at a shelter and all they do is panhandle until they get enough money for their next hit, or just go and buy booze with it. I have donated clothing, food etc but I'm not going to enable their addictions by giving them cash
  4. It definitely brings them in, coupled with the rabbit in distress sounds. Usually they figure it out before they actually get to the decoy, but by then they usually have a round through them. Sometimes they will just sit and stare at it wondering what's going on which just gives you a few extra seconds to get a shot off
  5. I agree. I was out deer hunting this morning and shot 2 coyotes with my crossbow. It's common practice if you are deer hunting to shoot coyotes. As far as gear, what you can use depends on the area you're hunting. I like electric callers for yotes and also own an electric rabbit that shakes around to get their attention.
  6. I wonder if these milder Temps are responsible for the low deer numbers everywhere. It's crazy going into January and haven't even touched a shovel (not complaining lol).
  7. I have been doing some coyote control around my property in NOTL. They are out of control no doubt, and coincidentally this is the fewest amount of deer I've seen out here in years.
  8. I agree. I've had no luck with calling. I assume I'm doing it wrong and will deter the deer from coming in. I just sit and wait patiently.
  9. I'm not quite sure. We have multiple cameras spread out over the property and we have significantly less on cameras, and have seen far less while out hunting.
  10. I hunt in Niagara on the Lake and everybody in that area is also complaining about the lack of deer. we have got a couple nice bucks so far but the amount of deer that we are seeing on the cameras are significantly less than the last 5 years.
  11. I haven't heard of anyone in years that still use one. What type of information would you get over a CB radio?
  12. The Visa and Mastercard gift cards are the biggest scam going that's why we stopped buying them years ago..if you read the fine print they say that every month you don't use them they decrease in value until they eventually hit $0. We just give cash now.
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