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Lets Get This Subforum Going!


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Over the last little while the traffic in our lovely fly section has tapered off...

I wanna livin' this place up a little!

Its been my observation that most people here tie there own flies, and I know alot of you have real talent and knowledge to share with the rest of us!

I just have one thing to ask of you everyone of you :)

Post a couple flies every now an then to share with the rest of us. Doesnt matter if it isnt anything special or even finished yet.... It will all generate coversation and get all of us thinking fly tying all day long!

Advice from another set of eyes always helps too!

Lets get this section going NFN!

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Another forum I belong to has a flies of the month thread that is almost all pics...

would this be a good idea?

I think I would rather perfer individual threads, that way we can have more conversation about each flies.

Plus it makes it easier for all of us to reference back to later :)

but thats only my opinion ... what does everyone think?

Also... beauty deer hair dry fly! I got a couple like that Im happy to share when I tie more:)

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Hey guys. Who’s been out flyfishing? Saturday when I was out “floatfishing” I noticed a bunch of flys hatching and some fish feeding on the surface.  Looking to get out soon. I’ll post some pics if anything bites. 

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