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Those Leaves !


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An environment issue ......  I get a ton of leaves from large maples  (not mine) , and it's a chore bagging them with those leaf bags which have doubled in price . I have been using a barrel shaped machine that chops leaves up very fine , reducing 8 bags to one bag . During the 50's we burned leaves or let them rot in huge piles (where we got our nice fat red worms for fishing !!  I've seen 15 bags sitting by the curb for pickup at ONE residence !  This is very costly and expensive for some low income people and the city .

 So ,  I  will mulch my huge pile of leaves up & make a large pile of "compost" and forget those bags .I have some green plastic fencing to contain the leaves and  go back to the old days and have a fresh worm supply handy .  :Gonefishing:    I'll have to watch for rats that may like my leaf pile for their home ......Many people have those leaf blowers and blow them on to the street .. poof ...gone !!  I have to wait for them to dry before I mulch them up . You can use your lawnmower with the bag to mulch leaves before bagging or composting them , acts like a vacuum cleaner...works great ! 

  I  don't know of others in the city who compost  large piles of leaves but country folk don't set their bagged leaves at the curb for a truck to take away .  Leaving some leaves on the grass over winter helps the soil (and worms)  . I do not use any chems. on my yard to have a "golf course " lawn ....and my grass is fine and so are the worms.

My eldest grandaughter (Brie) teaches how to help mother nature keep our environment "natural" . We should look at the alternatives.



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10 hours ago, genec said:

15 bags is nothing Bill.

Last fall I saw 1 house a couple blocks away from us had over 40 bags out for pickup one week!


That's an awesome amount of leaves to bag up !   I put out a bag of cannas bulbs mixed with large plant stems, like milk weed ....had to weigh 50 lbs. When they came to pick it up I said to the guy,  the bag is heavy with roots in it . "She" tossed it into the truck like it was a bag of feathers and said to me "Have a nice day" .......ouch !

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27 minutes ago, Davidp16 said:

Last year sometime I saw a video online of the garbage men picking up easily 100+ bags at a guys house lol. 

It is a costly way to clean up our leaves !   I believe they mulch it and add other stuff , compost and use it for city planted  flowers , etc. We can buy bags of it at the local dump sites .  My large plants like 7 -8ft. cannas plants get bunched up and tied with twine for the branch collection this month . 

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I saw a city truck about 2 weeks ago cleaning out ditches that were full of leaves . They used a BIG suction hose about 12" in diameter to "vacuum" the leaves directly into the garbage type truck , probably through  mulching blades as well . Pretty slick operation !   We have the city clean the streets with the water/brush machines to keep the road grates clean .  All set for the salt !

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Many people have gas/electric blowers to clean their yards/driveways . Some bag them and some blow the leaves into the street and let the wind take care of it .

We get the street sweepers but not the leaf suckers . I get about 10 well packed bags of maple leaves per year ... no maples on my property ,but I don't mind putting most of them through my super duper mulching machine and enjoy the exercise . I use some of the leaf "sawdust" for my gardens and enjoy the free shade and 02

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