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some OLD stuff

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As I said in a previous post about finding an old film still inside my 35mm Canon AT1  , (about 20 yrs.old) ....I picked up the prints at Fredericks on Lake St. ...highly professional people , & the pictures came out "not bad' after all those yrs.inside the camera . I added some contrast from Picasa & cropped them a tad.......

Needless to say it was nice to go back to when I was a 'young'  59 yrs .  approx.

 ....finch on sunflowers ....

.....Port Dal.harbour .....

As you can see , grainy pictures using 800 Fugi film and colour fade (bluish tinge) from 20 years of air exposure.

.....Port Dal. midway path that was filled with rides and food booths ...those were great days !




sunflowers finch.jpg

35mm port lighthouse.jpg

Port Midway.jpg

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4 hours ago, Tyler0420 said:

Nice looking shots smerch

I really enjoyed using the old 35mm film camera . It was fully manual & each shot had to be adjusted for light (aperture)  and focus , or change shutter speeds to get various depths of field images . I have several lenses and filters with the camera but will not use it again . ...maybe donate the works to a camera club who may still be using film to teach photography. Processing film now is expensive .....not sure if Wally is still developing film ...

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I had the same mutli-lens system 35mm.  They were neat cameras to use, but I was always very picky with what photos I choose to take because you knew each one was going to cost you money to get developed.

Now with digital its a case of…who cares…shoot away….we can delete them later!

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I have taken many of my old print photos and set up a spot inside the house with the right amount of light to copy them with my digi camera.  Make sure there is no glare , especially with glossy prints . Then they can be adjusted and cropped with editing tools.  Frederick's has some very high end digi cameras and lenses ...way out of my wage range ,  if I didn't fish I might still be snapping away .... My little Canon Elf190  will fit inside a cig pack and works great .

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Nice pictures. I found my moms old film camera from the 80s last summer and shot a couple rolls. Still haven’t got them developed, but hopefully they’ll turn out alright. 

Shooting film is fun but like you said it’s ‘spensive…

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