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New tax 4 us ?


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5 hours ago, knightfisher said:

The closer you are to the transmitter or battery in an electronic device, the more you are exposed to this radiation, and the more at risk you are of developing adverse health effects.

We sure spend billions on cancer testing , care & research . There  is so much more to be done to find out the main causes .We know some things that cause cancer but we don't know much about the many other potential causes like :  Living  close to high tension wires, microwave ovens, possible asbestos in a dwelling , lead in pipes , radon gas in basements , medical xrays , scanners , food additives , tick spray , sunlight , ect +++

As I sit here typing  my face is 18" from a electronic screen , with WiFi going over my head , and an electrical grid surrounds me  . Who knows how all this stuff affects our bodies & brain ?  Don't read the ingredients in your daily cereal of hot dogs folks ! 

   We had fish for dinner yesterday....pike done in the oven for a change , and I know they are not chem. free ......nor is the bacon on top ....

And I didn't wear a mask while shopping  yesterday ....nice to breath freely again ..... Bottom line , as Ty would say ....go fish and don't worry about the pcb's or abc's . We ain't gonna change it !    :nea:

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