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Glad Tyler was able to get us access again to this site!


And I’m on the telemarketer/scammer/con hit list today - so far I have had 7 cell phone calls, and my wife has had 5 so far today on her cell phone.

I never answer any call from a number I don’t recognize, but when I try checking by calling the number back, every one of them comes up with a message saying “this number not in service”, so definitely scammers at work!

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We do the same thing and get those call almost everyday , too bad those scammers make good money ripping off others . 

I got a letter in the mailbox today concerning a class action lawsuit against a company that scammed us about 6 years ago when we got into 

a furnace rental scam ...still paying $90 per month until we can get a settlement of some kind . 

That will never happen again .  Yesterday ...some people were trying to 'save us"  from the devil but we know their story well 

and they moved on ......

Gene ....maybe answer and tell them to hold .....and play some rap music for them .  :blahblah1:

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53 minutes ago, cplummer said:

I don’t answer unknown. 
if they leave a voice mail then I will listen to that

I don’t even have my cell phone set up so people can leave a message if  I don’t answer - makes life less annoying that way!

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Four calls today on our home phone ...unknown numbers come up & one left a message  (ignored) 

But on some occasions it was a medical message & we called back . Important callers should leave a message .

My younger sister had lung surgery today ...very risky as she's had heart problems also ....so we check the phone calls carefully

in such circumstances .  She came through the op. ok., thanks to Dr. Robotics . 

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