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Huskie Jerks


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No ,not the dogs .....but a while back I was all teary eyed from losing my fav. husky jerk that has rewarded me with many fish . The Dalhousie bottom claimed it and some of my harnesses over the years . I had a brain fart today ....maybe I have another one in my old tackle box that has been collecting dust  ....

When I opened the 'vault'  my eyes feasted on 2 brand new Jerks , still in the boxes & 2 different sizes ! 

I'm a happy camper as they will soon be getting wet after all the dry years in the basement tackle shop . This box isn't even close to 10% of the lures I have . Some are very old , like 7" Rebels, J-13's and suspended Raps etc.... 



fishing box lures.JPG

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1 hour ago, Tyler0420 said:

Orange rapalas deadly….

For true ,  back in the 80's we used a lot of orange lures for spring salmon in the brown water for better attraction .

The Fire Plug and jointed raps were very popular . I  painted a few of my raps and rebels orange too. 

What I like most about the husky jerks is they imitate a big minnow with good side to side action even when using them with a steel leader.


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Your showing your age deetch .... I can't remember the water slide there , only the one at Port Dal. beach . I think all the canning factories are gone now, last one I remember was at Port Weller.

I remember lining up a tree with a building etc.to 'mark' our drifts. "Good Pickeral Spots" 

Then ,the graph paper entered and  we thought that was great technology !   

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8 hours ago, RJR said:

We use to use the tall smoke stack at Inco in Port Colbourne for on Lake Erie, but than they demolished it 

How are you doing... old timer ?  I remember some of those spots on Erie where we lined up land markers.

I still  use  line marker buoys at Quinte when searching for perch . 


....got a few things from Walmart today and checked out their downsized fishing dept, They had a few Husky Jerks 

at $16.47 , close to $20 with the tax .  I have to wonder how much they paid for it wholesale . 

Of course , no get !   

But I did buy a new puter chair for only $99.99   

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