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This old dog still has some bite left

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Got a huge doe last night on shotgun hunt. Had to get Mooselayer and another brother to help get it out. One slug behind the shoulder at 50 yds did the trick. Best thing about having my brothers to help out is that they brought beverages (I must have set a good example as the oldest brother).



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The doe follows up on the bear I got with the bow in August. Would have liked a chance at a moose but had to back out when a good money job came up at the same time as the hunt. No problem though as Mooseslayer came thru again.

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Not to blow my own horn, but I have always felt that the dominant doe is the smartest and wariest of the deer, especially when the rut is on. I've lost count of the number of does that have busted me compared to bucks. However, the does do have their "senior moments" (don't we both Smerch?). At 8am with a stiff west wind all I saw was two white tails when they approached from the east.the wind had shifted to 


Fast forward to 4pm after a long windfilled day where the only breaks in the boredom was the occasional squirrel and seven turkey hens that fed thru, the wind shifted to the northwest. Better, I thought, only a short stretch of bush to the field edge downwind of me. I spent most of my time looking anywhere but downwind. At 5pm I took a look downwind. Lo and behold there was the doe and a yearling at 50 yards and she was having her senior moment. And the rest is history (and hanging in my garage for me to butcher).

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Yes I  remember those 'young buck 'days when the scent of  perfumes would drive us crazy and throw caution to the wind .....and we would splash on the Aqua Velva  and Brylcreem .  Now we know NOT to use that stuff while persuing ma deer as they will high tail it out el pronto ! We found that moose would lay down on windy days and we surprised a few over the years , almost stepping on them and nearly causing a heart attack .

Looking through my moose pics today I found a couple to post , and while at the Dollar Tree today I picked up some more cans of gel for warming up the small hut . Their prices have been $1.25 over the past 5 years or more , but today half the goods were now $1.50 , including the gel ,but much cheaper than the Sterno at other stores.


That's my Dog "Digger" looking for some brain food from my largest moose .

And that's how we carried quarters out of the bush ..."Dave " behind me slipped on a slippery moss covered rock and snapped his ankle (4 portages back) He was taken to Sudbury by a chopper from our camp on Upper Mace lake ....always had a limp after that ...


digger and moose.JPG

Moose Carry.JPG


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I have plenty of old pictures of my hunting trips

, from the Moose River , Arrow /Rose Lake , Elliot/Upper Mace , etc etc. Best trips were  the Polar Express ride from Cochrane to Moose River Crossing with my 16' canoe & 3 hp.gas motor in tow, ...some great stories to tell on those 2 trips . And we always had some fish & grouse dinners.


4 hours ago, coyotehunter said:

Ah for the days we could do that kind of work.

Ah ,the perils of getting "older"  . ......and wiser ??   



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