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Small game


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1 hour ago, Tyler0420 said:

Do you only eat the legs?

That's when eating frogs Tyler  ☺️ ......I believe there's more meat on a fat squirrel than a cottontail .

David , do you find any difference between eating a boar to a sow ?  The boars may be tougher meat .....

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16 minutes ago, Davidp16 said:

To be honest I find no difference between the 2 but it could also be the way I am cooking them up? 

When I was 16 I got my first gun , a 20 gauge Cooey single shot with a hammer and got my first rabbit first time out with it , about 200 yds. from where I am sitting right now . It was a lucky shot as the hammer slipped while I was raising the gun to my shoulder and the gun went off ....hitting the rabbit in the head as it ran to my left at 90 km. My uncle said "great shot" ....never told him it was an 'accidental great shot' .  We also went on "Jack" drives , walking for miles across wide open plowed fields where they like to sit with their "ears up" . They made the best stews you ever had ! And the bunnies made lovely rabbit pies . ( Tonights supper was chicken pot pie , made me think of the rabbit pies) .  I suppose you could do the same with those nutty flavoured squirrels .....    B)


.....and ....btw ....that 10 acre field is now full of houses as most of my old "bush" spots that are now subdivisions . And Ford is ready to fill the greenbelt with more houses ,& plazas. If I want squirrel dinners I can set my trap in my yard and fill my freezer . 

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Squirrel is good food. Boil the pieces in water with garlic powder, sage, salt and pepper until meat is ready to fall off the squirrel pieces. Dip pieces in beaten egg and dredge in crushed Ritz crackers, Melt margarine in frying pan and brown the cracker covered squirrel. Serve with mashed potatoes and corn.

Bonus Jackrabbit with the squirrel. All with the LH bolt action 22LR.


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1 hour ago, Bubba14 said:

That's the way I used to hunt the bunnies as a kid, growing up on 15 acres north of Huntsville, with a .22 and open sights.

We went to Lakeside Cottages just outside of Dwight  with the owner , Larry Bentz . We fished there summer and winter and  I also used my 20 gauge to hunt snowshoe rabbits which were hard to spot in the snow .


.....and my daughter was "made" there on our honeymoon ......(born 2 fish) 

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