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Took a while....


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Finally....a little late in the season....and as much as working nights cuts into my out door time what soever...today( yesterday) I had a chance that I could actually participate in the best of both worlds....I got to spend a beautiful December morning with smerch trying our best to get a trout in the net... ( Psst...we should have went pike fishing)...haha...tough morning...no current put a damper on the bottom bouncing....later in the day.. current picked up sun came out...turned into the perfect day....but this old kid already stayed up too late and had to go to bed for the best part of them go to work.....got off early (2am..)....set up my blind and cracked a beer in the recroom....sat there quietly for a little while.....then finally out of boredom and an overactive imagination I managed to bag this trophy non typical.........


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On 12/9/2022 at 7:09 AM, Markster said:

Nice one jwl1. He’s a good one.
Now you have to thank your sponsors. 😀

I would like to take this time to give a shout out to my sponsors..with out them I could not have made this happen!.. a huge thanks going out to Busch Beer....proud makers of bad ideas and lots of laughs...another thanks going out to Noma for their uncanny ability to consistently fabricate the world's most self tangling lights..and finally the Rose Sucheck Ladder Company, from rooftop to blind feel safe on your climb... Haha

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There you go JW, now i’m sure you’re going to get a nice polyester shirt sent to you with your name on the back and a big noma and Rose Sucheck brand logo on the front. No Busch beer logo though. Afterall, no-one wants to be caught dead with advertising that swill.😎

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