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Dalhousie (Henley) Trees


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I  have duck hunted this little bay during the 50's & there wasn't any housing there . Four residents of this housing complex have been charged with cutting down many trees and could face up to $194,000 in fines EACH . I thinks that is a little over exaggerated ,but it is a 'feel good' story for us to read ,

I have seen this scene a few times in this area of Martindale Pond , some trees cut down near the Henley Bridge and more at the three big houses on the west side of Rennie Park .

I'll bet the other residents at this  newer housing complex are happy to get a better view of the water , and it may help up the value of their homes .(waterfront  property) .Maybe they will all chip in to pay for the fines ? 



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Since it is city property they don't have that right to do what they want. 

They should have had the city involved first and/or applied for those permits to see the reason for rejection.

No sympathy.

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I see this down the Niagara Parkway also. I was actually duck hunting out of a kayak when I spotted some guy with a large pruning saw working his ass off to cut down all the saplings in front of his large waterfront home. He kept looking up to see if he had been caught yet. 

Those trees in Henley were a respectable size and mostly Carolinian species. Cutting them down may destabilize the soil. This is one way beavers have such a large impact on areas they expand to. I suggest they pay the city to replace those trees with something quick. Maybe they can negotiate lower growing cover but I doubt it's up for discussion now. 

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When a house holder ruined the shoreline at Charles D.P. (new east wall there now because of erosion) ? , he was made to replace some water plants but not the trees, of course . He paid a small price to enhance his 2 million dollar establishment , but when you have 5-6 figure incomes .

But maybe we should worry more about the invasive bugs and plants that have destroyed millions of trees like ash trees .

We have a new tree bug to watch , fresh from China (as usual) and there will be many more invasive plants , bugs and fish in the future . 




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