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Deer calls

Dan Andrews

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Do you do them? I see calls being used successfully in the hunting shows down south but I've never had any luck here except for antler clacking. I find clacking antlers brings in young bucks. 


I have several grunt and bleat calls that were given to me but I can't say I've ever heard an actual deer call while I'm hunting. Are our deer not vocal in the North? Snorting and nasal clearing yes I've heard that but the only calls I've ever heard sounded more like a fawn grunt and always turned out to be a sassy bluejay. I usually only hear the nasal blows when I've been busted. 


Anyone here ever have success grunt calling in a buck or should I just be more concerned about set up placement and sit silent? 

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27 minutes ago, Markster said:

I used to use a deer bleat call.

It worked somewhat, but later on i found it was best to just find a good spot down wind, keep quiet and still. 

I agree. I've had no luck with calling. I  assume I'm doing it wrong and will deter the deer from coming in. I just sit and wait patiently. 

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I've grunted in many many bucks. I won the big buck contest many years ago when a buck was cruising by a couple hundred yards away and after 3 grunts he finally turned and came by me. I had several  show up this year after I did a grunting session. It absolutely works. I have a doe bleat that is effective but not as loud so mostly works when I see a buck  but i need to turn it my way. I use a loud deep buck grunt call.

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I will only use any type of calls for a couple weeks but rattling lightly early season tends to work on younger bucks mostly but I also find that it will work in certain spots better than others..edge of thickets or terrain changes where their view may be compromised at bit and they'll get curious....I've seen some bigger ones come out of the thick stuff and just stand there looking  for a while and then leave..this is where a decoy would work best as well...a doe bleet il use on morning hunts after making a bit of noise getting to my stand but I also walk slow and softly like a deer...so.many Factors can help or lessen your chances really with calling 

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