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Eel Poaching

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I wasn't aware of this until today .....that "elver" poaching was happening at the east coast of N.S. & the U.S. coast . The young eels are worth $5000. per kilo ??? 

We have eels locally and they are a protected species , like sturgeon and mud puppies . I hope the fines are huge  and their vehicles are confiscated ect ect  ect.


https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/elvers-maritimes-why-halt-violence-1.6813617#:~:text=They were after tiny and,they are grown for food.


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1 minute ago, Port_D_Guy said:

Upon reading more on the subject these little eels are commercially "harvested" and shipped to China . The quotas are like a TON per year of these tiny "worms" and they are fed there until they hit the plates !  

They said the eel is an 'endangered species' but they catch them legally by the thousands and the indigenous people also get a share of them also . Since it is a very lucrative market the poachers will try to get in on the 'easy money' . It's all managed by the government to keep the eels thriving but some do not see it that way .

This 4 min. video is very informative and even as I am now 81 , I'm learning new things everyday !  

And  by the way I caught an eel over 24"  last year while fishing for perch . They have been in the 12 Mile Creek system for many decades !



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