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Lots of Rain


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And run off which I think we need to trigger fish to run up the creeks . It may get the big cats on the move too.


I previously said I have used frozen shrimp for channel cats at the 12 Mile Creek , but after watching a video how we get the shrimp to our tables I have seconds thoughts .

The video was taken in India , and we are so fortunate we don't have slave labour here. So I'll try the 'old days' way using big fat dew worms , ect. for cats as we have done at the Grand



Shrimp Factory.jpg

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6 hours ago, genec said:

At last we’re not having to shovel anything!

My daughter in New Brunswick is getting snow.

No more snow !  Let the Merrytimes have it , they are used to it . 

Too cold for worms tonight but nicer days ahead starting Tuesday . I built some lattice panels for my 50' wood fence & waiting to install them when the water is gone .

I "had" about 20 worms in a foam box in my garage . The lid was slightly open and 15 of them are roaming the garage floor "somewhere" !  .....rip....

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1 hour ago, Markster said:

What kind of foam box to you use Bill? Like an old cooler?

They were in a small foam box that are sold in bait shops , Avondale ,ect. 

This was the '2 doz.' size box , one of many I brought home from shore fishing spots .

They are kept cold in my unheated garage or in the mini fridge when needed. There will be plenty on the grass in a couple more days.

....One that was tossed in my garbage (with the butts)



Screenshot 2024-04-05 091622.jpg

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1 hour ago, smerchly said:

They were in a small foam box that are sold in bait shops

There’s a guy by me that sells worms 3dz/$10

 bring back ten worm containers and get a free dozen. I like supporting the small guys even though I could pick my own in no time. 

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Good price ,hardly worth breaking the back for a couple doz. I was buying worms at Deseronto for $5 for 24 worms .....no tax . I avoid taxes whenever  I can.

I use a head light with a red lens and wear knee pads if I wanted to pick 10 dozen when fishing Quinte for a month when we had the trailer. You could buy your gas , worms and weed there tax free ,and if the fish had lockjaw ,a pound of eye fillets was cheap.  

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We didn't have room in our fridge to keep worms so I bought some worm bedding at Can.Tire and filled a large foam box (about 16" x 12" & wet it with rain water (not too wet).

I used large ice packs to keep them cold and changed them every 12 hours . The box was kept under the trailer (no sun) with a heavy weight on the top (coons or skunks)

Or set the foam box inside a plastic cooler or wooden box .  I have also used moss and dirt with a few ice cubes periodically .

There is lots of info on line how to keep worms healthy . Try to keep the fridge at 5-10 degrees .  Happy pickin :)

 I like this Google info ......



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35 minutes ago, Markster said:

If a guy wanted to pick a bunch off his lawn to keep around, say a 5-6 dozen,  how would you keep them?

Keep them in the fridge but make sure not to tip them over. My gf didn’t like them crawling around the fridge. 
heat/sun are their worst enemy. 

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