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Carbon $$$ Rebate

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I was surprised to see my CTR today is $840 for the year , 4 installments of $210. Anyone else get this much ?

And just this morning my van's battery was dead , real dead ! I was getting ready to trailer my boat & I hooked it up to the van to test all the lights on the trailer 6 days ago.

Everything was good to go . I don't know why the battery died (only 2 years old) and no lights were left on the van.

I used cables from the G6 to start the van and it started ok except the radio died ??  I shorted the cable while trying to get at the side terminals ,maybe blew the radio .

Van is now in sick bay at my local garage . I have no idea why the battery died ! I hope they find the culprit , auto shutoff interior lights may have not shut off...


That rebate might come in handy !   🤫

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1 hour ago, Port_D_Guy said:

Battery went flat because you got money back.

Got a call from them saying the battery is toast . I got it from CAA  3 years ago , less than 2K on that battery .

Sitting a week at a time probably doesn't help ....  $580 later .......

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