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  1. Definitely get the lifetime package. Amazing. I mark fish suspended at 12 feet I just go to the lure I want to use and it tells you how much line to let out for the selected speed. Or you want to take a spoon down 35 feet go to the snap weight section and it will tell you how much line based on the selected speed and weight selected. I think the app is the best lure in my tackle box.
  2. I look at it like a piece of fishing equipment. To know how deep all my lures are running is a huge advantage in my eyes. With the cost of all my rods and reels, tackle, boat, and of course my time the app is nothing.
  3. The app makes it so easy. You determine how deep you want to be and it tells you how much line to let out based on how fast you’re going. Super easy.
  4. Have you ever tried snap weights? I use different sizes to get me where I want. Great for suspending baits or running close to the bottom. I use the precision trolling app and a line counter reel and it it is very close to getting where I need to be. Might be an option for you.
  5. I clean most of my fish right on the boat. If I do them home to clean I just use a piece of cardboard on the counter. Super easy cleanup.
  6. I use an Eskimo quick fish 3 and it takes me only a minute to set it up. I had a smaller one but prefer the extra room for two rods and an extra hole for the sonar. Lots of room for the heater and to stand and stretch. It’s nice to have the extra room if I want to invite a friend into a warm tent.
  7. 2 ticks for me so far this year. Both were from 3D archery shooting at the club.
  8. Kingsway tackle in Guelph will have one. Ask for Colin and I am sure he will ship it. No idea what he will charge but in my experience he has always been reasonable. 519 824-7223.
  9. Bill is correct. I have kept minnows for years. Warm temps are your enemy. Easy to keep in the colder months but summer is a challenge.
  10. Sounds great but we can split costs.
  11. Hey Tyler I go there quite often for walleye. The bite is slow right now but should be turning anytime now. Are you fishing from shore or a boat?
  12. I use braid on my carp setups to. With casting far distances, thicker hooks, tough rubber lips I find braid is required to get a good hook set especially at further distances.
  13. For me I’m a tackle junky. I admit I have a problem. When it comes to reels and line types you can make it as simple or complicated as you like. For spinning reels I have a braided line fluorocarbon leader when feel is required and a hard hook set is required. I like a light fluorocarbon mainline for getting my LIGHT lures deep because it doesn’t float like mono or braid. When it comes to bait casters light line is your enemy as it will dig into itself when pressure from a fish or a backlash happens. If I am using a lure with light thin hooks like crank baits have I prefer a mono because it has some stretch and won’t rip out like braid with no stretch. Plus you don’t need as much pressure to set a hook with a thinner diameter. Definitely harder for a fish to throw a hook with more stretch and a smaller tear hole from the hook. Now if I am using a thicker hook I switch over to a braid to help the thicker hook penetrate. If I am casting things like topwater I like mono because it floats. I don’t have any bait casters with fluorocarbon main line because I find thick fluorocarbon has memory and I don’t like how it performs. Light line fluorocarbon digs in to itself on a bait caster so that’s a no go for me. So for me I use it as an excuse to have many setups. Do I need it? Probably not but any edge I can have I will take. Steve
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