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Rifle Range

Bob Jr.

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On 2/5/2022 at 7:58 PM, genec said:

I think they are members only now - don’t think they are allowing non-members on weekends like they used to.

I  used to go there with a buddy who was a member , many years ago . I believe the long gun range was 110 yds (100 meters) . There was another place nearby, owned by Mr.Miller who was a general foreman at GM . It was great way to spend a few hours talking to all the shooters including the black powder guys .

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Bill, you are thinking of the Niagara Regional 110yd range next to Silverdale.

Millers own Silverdale, and they have ranges out to 200 yards.

I used to be a member there until they decided to double the membership fee, then I quit there.

I belong to the Dunnville District Hunters & Anglers now - great club and much cheaper yearly fees!

They have a 20 yd restricted range, a 50 and 100 yd ranges, a trap range, and 3-D archery shoots in the summer.  They also run a walleye hatchery every year, and have perch dinners at the club.

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