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Well for the first time in almost 50 years no one in my moose hunting party received a tag. It doesn't matter to me as I will be going anyway as it is only to our camp in the Haliburton Forest. If I was still going to Thunder Bay area I would definitely not be going. We will spend the time clearing trails, of which some are long overdue, bird hunting, bear hunting and preparing for the deer season the following 2 weeks. There are a lot worse ways to spend a late October week.

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Hunters who have a group of 4 or more should be given a tag after what is paid for a license . We had  a party of 6 and got 3 cow & 2 bull tags for one of our hunts and used one cow tag . Other hunts we usually got 2 or 3 tags ....hunting in different parts of Ontario . One year we bagged 3 bulls .

We took fishing rods and had some great fish dinners and knocked off a few grouse occasionally .

Just now, verado said:

There are a lot worse ways to spend a late October week.

So very true !   It's a new world out there in the bush .....listening to the wolves , owls , in complete darkness in the tent  or watching the northern lights , etc etc etc .

I miss those days ....3 of my buds have passed on , 3 have  health issues .  But I have more than 100 paper 'reminder' photos of those great times  .

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2 minutes ago, Bubba14 said:


Just getting away, spending time in the bush is time well spent, knocking down an animal is a bonus.

Just a few minutes ago I was talking to a friend of my neighbour who got a moose with a 55" rack last year ...got it from a tree stand.

I hope you get that tag filled this year as well !  

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