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Deer season opening day


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Just now, Markster said:

Nice looking buck Darryl.
Its nice when you don’t have to track them all over the place as well.

A deer was hit by a car at Beaverdams Rd. tonight .......drivers license required.

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Darryl, if you have a smoker, try this one:

go to the bradley smoker site and look for the spice recipe for venison roasts. Heres the link.


Now, get yourself one if those not so great rear quarter shank roasts or something similar, make sure to remove any silverskin and fat. Rub it dry and Flip it around in a ziplock with that mix. You want a nice, dry and uniform coating.

i do around 4-5 lbs at a time

stick it in the smoker with mesquite pucks, around 2 1/2 - 3 hours. Until internal temp around 160

let it rest around 15 mins.
The mix is a bit overpowering on the taste buds so i rub most of what remains off at this point but see what you like.
Slice it real thin and layer it on one of those triangular costco buns, buttered and with some horseradish.

i bet you cant have just one.







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