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Algoma with my dad


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Made it to the algoma area with my Dad. Mainly fishing for walleye which proved to be a challenge for the most part because of the weather . Once we finally pin pointed the walleye there was big numbers and they were willing to bite. We didn't fish for pike very much but when we did  they bit! Thankful for the adventures no doubt!




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Thanks Smerchly! We fished for 6 days... one day was a near right off cause of super high winds... we caught approximately 60- 70 walleye one day. Almost all of them 20 plus inches. Some of the other days were just plain tough! Possibly the smarter choice would have been to dial in on the pike because they were active but we were there for the pickerel. Had a beauty shore lunch with eagles all around. 

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Just now, Radio said:

but we were there for the pickerel.

Ah , I remember my Dad calling them pickerel , and passed it on to me . 

Just now, Radio said:

Pure luck it made it in!

No , that was pure skill !    

Those walleyed pickerel would be great eating from there .....slot size /limit there ?

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