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Triple dip…


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Link works for me on my old Windows 7 ....interesting info . Not a lot of drastic weather changes over my life time .

Some benefits from a warmer winter ....smaller heating bills....more carp fishing ....

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 No cycle in the old days.


I can remember winters as a lad where the snow would be up to your hips. We would have to dig a tunnel from the back door to the outhouse to do our business. It was so cold the business would freeze on the way down and bounce off the frozen old business. Had to watch out for ricochets...you could get a nasty wound if you had diarrhea.


We were poor.....my brother and I had only one pair of shoes and one pair of socks. It wasn't bad in the warm weather cause we could get around in our bare feet. Winter was another kettle of fish. We finally figured out that he would wear the shoes to school and I would wear the socks. On the way home we would switch. Then we had a sister...neither of us wanted to share any piece of clothing with her! Although there was a lad down the road that didn't mind...he used to borrow Ma's Sears catalogue ....he spent a lot of time in the women's section.


Why it used to be so cold the ponds would freeze solid to the bottom. Ice fishing in them days meant exactly that. You would chip the frozen fish out the ice when you wanted some and thaw them out at home to cook.


In those days La Nina was the Cisco Kid's sister.





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Good one Yoteman  :lol:   Ya, I remember the 40's when 12" of snow was up to my hips !  We  used an old telephone book to scrape off those frozen chips in grandma's cold basement's loo . (she was British). The long john's with the trap door helped keep me from freezing to the seat !  I remember the frozen ponds too with ice to the bottom ! All we caught was mud puppies .....

 The 2 boys who lived in this house were school buddies . We went to the "Duck" school on Pelham Rd. (1950's) which was well over a mile from here and  sometimes we walked through some deep snow before the plows cleared the roads. Those were the days we remember fondly . 

We only had spuds for ice fishing (and dinner) tnen used the modern spoon augers which I still have on standby...

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