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Raccoon skin hats - why not?


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Well, the days are colder and its dark sooner so whats a guy to do besides watch tv.


I harvested a pile of prime 3xl raccoon this year, and the auction prices don’t look too good right now so….i figured why not try something different.

A few of the coon were yellow and because the market doesn’t like those as much, they were the first candidates for the dip.

i acid-tanned them and sewed up some hats.


First time trying it out and they turned out pretty good i think.
The underwool this year is outstanding! Its crazy thick and full.


just have to sew the leather liners now and they are good to go.






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Thanks guys. I always find working with fur is a nice way to pass some time.

I made the first for my son. He and his wife liked the first one so much I made the second for her. I just have to do the final fit-and-sew before i line it.

the first one had the tail on top, but the second is more traditional with the tail on bottom. I think i may change the first.


Cpt, I suppose i would sell a few if there is a demand. But, To be honest,  I wouldn’t know what to charge right now.
I’m looking for a good source of liner material and i don’t want to use fabric. Leather/suede is traditional but is really expensive. i would rather reuse material that i can source inexpensively, or better yet, free. Old leather couches and jackets are a good source and usually have enough good sections to do alot of hats.


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As i said in the earlier post, the underwool is just crazy thick and full this year.
Now, i did wait until they were prime before harvesting this year but i can’t remember seeing this quality.

check this out. Thats almost an inch and a half of wool.


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Earlier in the year ,I commented about the squirrels gathering a lot of walnuts carring 2 at a time in their mouth , and now we see the extra "insulation' on the coons . Some were saying that's a sign of a cold winter  on the way ........

What have these animals been smoking ??    :dunno:

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