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I don't know what to make of this wild boar video .  Can they survive our winters when we have heavy snow ? 

I think our hunters might be interested as a great alternative to hunting deer , moose or bear , but these things are very dangerous too .

The comments are very interesting too , Crazy !  And the sound is terrible on my PC !




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Thanks for that info Gene , I hope they find a way to control them . Farmers may be exempt from the hunting regs as they can do so much damage .

And I wonder what they eat in cold snowy climates ?  

BTW , I bought some pork chops yesterday , only $5 per lb. (including the bone).

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They're doing very well in Alberta who's winters make ours in Niagara look like spring break in Florida. They are super destructive and anyone caught with a live one in Ontario should be thrown in jail. If you currently have any in captivity kill them immediately. 

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