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Furnace deals

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Just asking if any members have a rental furnace and have had experience with paying it off to rid of the monthly fees . We have been paying monthly for 10 years and would like to know the "safe" way to do it and make sure the gas provider cancels it on their billings . OEG is the fraudulent company that 'hooked' us and there's a pending $15 mill. lawsuit against them and we have a claim in ,but it may take years to get anything back.  ( google OEG )

I called them to get a quote to pay it  off & they are sending a person to see me on Monday . I will not allow them into my house even though there is 'free' maintenance on the furnace. I call a local company to service it and the a.c. We don't expect any help from the government as they get their $10 per month hst . We have to be very careful who we deal with .

Any suggestions would be appreciated as we feel there isn't much we can do . Maybe hiring a lawyer is the only option left ?  

And so far today we have received 6 scam calls on our land phone and wife's cell from Brampton , 

BTW ....we all know that the high costs of energy does cause us to buy less fishing gear .....   :Gonefishing:

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Hey Smerch, sorry to hear you are in this predicament. I would be very hesitant to let any of their representatives in your home or to sign anything provided, without having a lawyer review it first. In my experience anyone that wants to see you face to face is because they want to sell you something, or talk you into something. Just playing devils advocate but they could agree to reduce the monthly cost if you re-sign  a new agreement with them and in doing so you could possibly lose out on the class action lawsuit and be locked in for an even longer period as an example. These parasitic losers prey on decent, trusting people. They are one step away from the lottery scammers, grand children scammers etc. Too lazy, stupid and immoral to make an honest living, so if they are coming out in person it is likely to try to pressure you into something to their benefit.


You might already know this but I just took a peek at that class action lawsuit and it states under the FAQ section that you might qualify for a lease cancellation, and if you don't qualify for a total cancellation then at least a reduced buyout option along with a cash settlement following the claim process, so it might be worth holding out a bit longer as it looks like it is pretty far along.


If no one has any direct experience with having dealt with this group I'd be willing to do a bit more research this week if you want.


A couple years ago I witnessed Enercare tell my father that he needed to replace his air conditioner at a cost of $4500, the service agent didn't even look at it, he just played with the thermostat and then looked at the furnace, then just said based on it's age it was finished and needed to be replaced. I asked what his service contract he's been paying for covered and he said diagnostics, and service, so I told him to run diagnostics on the unit like he is supposed to. The guy was annoyed, I went out with him while he hooked up testing gas, and it was leaking at a contol valve, which a new O ring fixed  along with an $800 coolant re-charge My dad was ready to sign up for a new air conditioner on the spot, trusting the guy. He was just lucky I happened to be there, and they are viewed as a somewhat reputable. 

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Thanks so much for all that great info Surf and Turf !  There are so many con artists it's hard to trust anyone these days .  We have a local company ( McKay ) that services the furnace and A.C. and they are just around the corner which is good for emergencies . We pay more per year and won't allow the free service people in our house. Hopefully they haven't a right to inspect 'their' furnace .

Luckily, the Goodman furnace has had no repairs and still runs fine . So we will stay with the plan as you advised . Hopefully we will soon hear from the lawsuit people and give us a break on our gas bills. We cook with gas and have a gas fireplace (stove style) in the living room .

I'm still kicking my a$$ for falling for the 'deal' when the young man told us the Global Adjustment would be cancelled from the electric bills !  And we sent that copy to the people handling the lawsuit . These scumbags from wherever they came from prey on elderly people like us . We had 6 phone calls today all from Brampton and we have call display on our home phone and never answer their calls . Sometimes they leave a message about some fraud going on at the T.D. bank and that isn't our bank . 

Thanks for taking the time to look into this mess for me . You are a true gentleman . 

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