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Back Pack Found


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After meeting some of our members during the SCGFA cleanup I checked out a few other spots to fish for pike and I found a back pack full of tackle that I think was forgotten or fell off the back of a pickup ,ect.  I put it in my van and waited for about 30 min. but no one came for it . So , knowing some people may not be honest and keep it I decided to post it here since we have many 'guests' who checked NFN daily . Describe the bag and some of the contents and I will meet up at Port Dal. as it's only 15 min. away . There is a LOT of tackle in this heavy back pack , I hope the owner gets it back !

I posted here as I'm  not sure if the Lost/Found thread is open for non members .

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I'm going to Port Dal. today to do some fishing and ask any anglers if they may know about the lost back pack tackle bag .

The owner may have left a note on the fence or info at the coffee shop or Legion so I'll check that out also .

The owner may be from T.O. as there was 3 identical 2022 Toyota pickups parked there with similar license plates .

And there was about 10 anglers drifting for trout on the west side . It's colder today (all week) so there may not be many anglers.

Any more ideas where to search for the owner ?  

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On 3/18/2024 at 11:41 AM, Bass-turd said:

If you belong to any other fishing forums it never hurts to try posting there, If not smerch I can post something for you

Just this forum now but there are members here who are on other forums as well . I checked Port out today , only a few guys fishing on each side of the harbour & cold wind and a little current from the dam . They came from T.O. but they had no action . I left a note clamped to the fence where I found the back pack and talked to a guy who was fishing from the yacht club docks who looked at the back pack since he has fished near some of the trout drifters there but didn't recognize the bag. I grabbed a coffee and no info there .

Bubba , you would know the guy I talked to .... Smokin Joe  😎


Just an update , since I found the bag last Sat. maybe the angler will be back again this Saturday , hoping he shows up again , I don't want to keep any of it . 



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5 hours ago, Tyler0420 said:

Wow that’s amazing smerch. How did he get a hold of you?

I was telling my daughter about it while taking her home from the hospital . She went back to the hospital again 2 days ago & had her phone so she went on Facebook and asked if it was ok to ask if anyone lost a fishing tackle bag & last night a fellow answered her & described a few items , she messaged my wife who messaged the owner of the bag .

He described more of the contents & he came here last night to pick it up . He has been on NFN and knows of a famous guy called smerchly.  😇 He is a very nice young man from Thorold and was very happy to get all his gear back . I posted a photo of him holding a big rainbow trout from the pool but deleted it when he contacted me as he may not want his picture displayed here ....it's on Facebook .

I am waiting to hear from my daughter to take home and just now heard she has to stay another night . Kudos to her for finding the owner of the tackle bag !   💝

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2 hours ago, The Mindful Angler said:

Great ending to the story Smerch. You are a gentleman.

Thank you , I believe 90% of us anglers would do the right thing and return the tackle bag to the rightful owner .

I returned to the place where I pinned the note and it was still on the fence. (removed)

Then I did some fishing for perch and ??? using a float and not a sniff on my worms and 'old' salted minnows .

So I spent another 30 minutes tossing a swim bait for pike but they also had lockjaw. But it was great to spend the day outdoors

and listening to  the chorus of red winged black birds enticing the ladies for a fling in the trees. 

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