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Winter Is Over

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My thermometer said 80*F yesterday , good day to do some work , cleaning up the lawnmower & changing the oil , lube job , ect. 


I built some 8' lattice panels previously and  installed them yesterday & raised the back fence another 14" , over 7 ft. now,  then put up 100 solar lights that flash with different coloured patterns , works great !

Parts of the lawn will get a hair cut today , the new grass I seeded grows like a weed ! And the boat motor will be immersed in a large barrel & started up today .


April ,May, June ....my favourite time of the year , and also cold days with plenty of ice on the lake..... good times as well.

....my fence yesterday before and after ....




New Fence.jpg

Fence with lights and lattice.jpg

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10 hours ago, genec said:

Okay, winter is now officially over because I just had to mow my lawn!

Parts of it were already 5” high, and I haven’t even fertilized yet.

I’m with you gene except some of my grass is 10” high. Getting cut in the next few days depending on rain. 

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