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Scary !


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This spot reminds me of the Dunnville dam as I would expect to see now after all the rain lately . Wearing a life jacket can save lives under these conditions .This video gets the heart pressure up and fortunately there were other boaters who saved their lives . 




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Crazy video.  
always wear a life jacket. You can’t even tell you’re wearing the new ones. 

I don’t know what these guys were thinking. Get flipped in the boat or jump out and swim to shore.  Easy decision 

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There's a spill way at the 12 just 100 yds. south of 4th Ave. and I believe there was a drowning there many years ago when a rafter got caught in the hydraulic undertow.

Those guys lost their gear but lived to buy new gear , good tradeoff !

The boat/motor should see happy days again too.  

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I watched that video yesterday PDG and there's many others as well . Many boaters are not aware of the dangerous 'undertow' from the dam spillways . 

If he wasn't wearing a 'life' jacket .........

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