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Ready for Cuba


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Sorry for the none reply but I was getting ready to head out.Not the greatest photos because its hard to do selfies on a saltwater flats there's no place to safely drop your gear..Three diy outings and once with guide, 7 landed and one break off.Doesn't sound like much but wind was screaming and the diy trips are short due to ocean side tide..Plus a Cuban cold front one trip which made them fussier than they usually are, on top of the wind it was my only no hitter...Did land my personnel best Bonefish which blew off 100ft. of fly line and half my 100 yds. of backing...Guide assisted I landed 3 and snapped one off.That was lagoon fishing to super spooky fish..Spooky fish is an understatement when it comes to Bones.I was talking to loudly and a pod of tailing fish pulled off the shore😆..Damn I'm love those fish especially the big ones..





My First Project 2.jpg

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Yes Bass-turd all tied by myself.I'm stocked like a fly shop over here with more materials than I probably need in a lifetime.Everything from trout Euro nymphs to saltwater..

I've always had great satisfaction from being a start to finish fly fisherman..I try to avoid the fancy flys and concentrate mostly on guide flys.Still, its a time consuming hobby. 

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