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Come on Turkey season!


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I put my blind in last weekend overlooking an open field and cleared a few spots in the bush that i saw them moving through during last deer season.

i picked up a few decoys as well. I hope they will concentrate on those rather than my inexperienced calling.😆

should be fun.

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Wow Gene ....any idea where you may have got it ?   

It is now a weaker strain , you will be good to go after those turks in a few days .

Stay warm , eat chicken soup ...the turkey soup can wait .  Take care bud !

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Bill, Possibly at family Easter dinner for 14 people at our house Sunday.

Everyone in family except 20 month old granddaughter was fully vaccinated, and no one has had Covid up till now.

However, one son-in-law went to work Tuesday morning feeling fine, and came home feeling miserable - he tested and was positive.  Then We tested Wednesday morning, and I tested positive, but wife  is still negative.

Mild symptoms so far, so hopefully I can get out later next week.


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