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Yesterday my monitor bit the dust after clicking the on button over 50 times to light up my desktop picture . This has been going on for weeks & I didn't know if it was caused by my monitor or pc with windows 7 . So I bought a new Acer 24" monitor & the plug for the pc was different ,so today I went to DF Computer Centre & got a newer pc loaded with windows 10 .

The input jack didn't match I went back to get an adapter ....all is working now . The screen is almost a big as my old 36 year old 27" TV !  They transferred hundreds of my pictures for me & installed windows 10 as I asked them .  I had to install a new much longer password here , so I wrote it down in my memory book !  

I have been very busy the past 7 months after my sister lost her battle with cancer and now I'm helping my daughter Dee ( sunset photos) as she also has serious cancer and is getting her rad treatments here in St.Catharines . I'll get some help setting up a picture file soon ....

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Bill, I hope the rad treatments help your daughter, and she can make a full recovery.

I know what you are going thru, as my daughter in N.B. Went thru chemo, a mastectomy, and rad treatments last year.

Its tough on everyone in the family, as well as the patient.

Glad to hear ur updated on the computer system.

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Thanks Gene .  My sister was given 6 month and lasted 7 months after her treatments failed. My daughter , now 58 , has been given 1 year and is using a pain injection device which can inject hydromorphone on demand . It's been a rough time on everyone as anyone like you can testify . Best of health to you and your daughter . One thing about fishing Gene , especially when the bite is on , it gives the brain a rest and some peace of mind . 

This newer computer with the new 24" monitor is awesome . I need to learn how to set it up for photos ,ect .(son in law is very good with computers  & phones ) ...or I'll give the Geeks a call .

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