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Anjigaming Lake treated us well

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Just got back from Anjigaming (AirDale) and we had a great time!!  


We drove straight through the day on Friday and stayed with Jenn and Martin at their lodge at Hawk Junction and after an amazing breaky at the lodge we drive to the air base at Wawa for our 9AM departure.  Flight in was smooth and we were unpacked and on the water by noon.  We were the first group on this lake in 2 years (it was closed for most of the pandemic) so we were excited about getting out on the lake.

The boats were 14' Naden's with 8hp Merc 4 strokes and ran fine.  Fishing was very good once we got a good lay of the land and by the end of the week we landed close to 200 fish with the largest pike in the 42-44" range and the largest Walleye was in the 24" range.  We had a couple of fish fry's for lunch and only had rain blow through a couple of times in the week but the bugs were thick when the wind died down in the evening.  The cabin has a solar array and a sat router that allowed us to get WiFi so we could text and send pics of the trip.  

The week went by quickly and I am already looking forward to next years trip!









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That's how it's done the 'proper' way folks ...  I remember planes landing at Hartley Bay , bringing "renound" people from the U.S. to "Camp Kaintuck" They just brought a suitcase !  Congrats , I'm sure you had a great memorial time !  

I was only 11 years old when they built that beautiful Otter !

Thanks for the memories .

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I took several fly-in trips in the 80's, usually with Arnie from Hawk Air in Hawk's Junction or Cochrane Air Service. I never flew in an Otter, these two outfits used the Beaver. Taking off and landing on the water is an amazing experience. The fishing was always superb but like you said, you did have to learn the lake. Sometimes we took a split trip where they would bring us to one lake for Lake Trout and Pike for a few days then pick us up and fly us to another lake for walleye. Back then the trip was usually around $500 per person. You brought your own groceries and fishing equipment and they supplied the flying, cabin, and boats and motors. We never used a guide on the fishing trips but we did once on a fly-in moose hunt. To someone who has never done this type of trip, I highly recommend it.

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